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Our mission is to provide high quality healthcare services by appropriately trained and competent staff.

We put our patients at the centre of all that we do.

The Melbury Clinic is committed to continuous quality improvement through its audit and governance arrangements


Our Services

Venous Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

Modern diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins and related conditions

Vascular Health Assessment

Risk factor identification and assessment for atherosclerosis

About Us and What We Do

We are a team of medically trained clinicians with expertise in the management venous disease and vascular assessments. We treat people with varicose veins and the complications of varicose veins, such as varicose eczema, phlebitis, deep vein thrombosis and leg ulceration.  We provide assessments for vascular disease, including diagnostic duplex ultrasound and full blood biochemistry assessments.


Who We Are

What We Do

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Phlebitis in leg vein

What is Phlebitis?

Phlebitis, sometimes referred to as superficial thrombophlebitis, is a medical term indicating that there is inflammation and clotting in the vein. Usually, phlebitis affects the superficial veins of the leg. Commonly, it is associated with a painful lump, which is red, tender and hot. Often, phlebitis comes on out of the […]

leg ulcers

Leg Ulcers: 7 Important Facts

Leg ulcers are common – approximately 2% of adults will have a leg ulcer at some stage in their lives. Literally thousands of people develop a leg ulcer each year in the United Kingdom and many of those get more leg ulcers as the years go by. Despite the misery […]

Eggs and the risk of stroke and heart attack

Eggs are a relatively low-cost and nutrient-dense whole food that provide a valuable source of protein, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, choline, vitamins and minerals. However, many people are concerned that egg consumption may have an adverse effect on cardiovascular risk. Everyone knows that eggs are high in cholesterol and that […]

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