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Ageing Hands: 5 Signs and what you can do

Ageing Hands and Hand Rejuvenation

Ageing hands are always on show and they say a lot about us.

Make up can mask the tell-tale signs of ageing on the face, but disguising ageing signs on the hands is much more difficult. Many people take care of the face with creams and sunscreen, but they often neglect their hands until it is too late. That’s why the hands are often the best indicator of age.

These are the 5 most noticeable signs:

  1. Prominent Veins: as we get older, the collagen in the veins becomes weaker. As a result, the vein does actually get larger and stretch. One of the very first signs of getting older is that the veins on the back of the hands stick out more.
  2. Bony appearance: another fact of getting older is that the amount of supporting collagen in the hands reduces. The bones become more noticeable and the hands look thinner and bonier. A cruel irony is that people who stay thin, who exercise and work out, suffer from prominent veins and a bony appearance than those who are carrying a bit of excess weight.
  3. Pigment Spots: age spots are the result of sun exposure. Sun-worshippers or those with outside occupations or hobbies – gardeners for example- tend to get more age spots and at a younger age.
  4. Wrinkly skin: wrinkles and thin skin are also a consequence of UV exposure from the sun
  5. Arthritis: wear and tear of the joints is an inevitable consequence of the passage of time.


Hand Rejuvenation: The specialists at the Melbury Clinic VeinCare Centre offer a unique hand rejuvenation treatment programme that counteracts 4 of the major signs of the ageing hand. We offer ‘Gentle Sclerotherapy’ to shrink the hand veins to return them to a more youthful size, subcutaneous collagen stimulator injections to reverse the bony appearance and to reduce wrinkle and cryotherapy to remove age spots. The results are shown here. After successful treatment, we can advise on maintenance to keep hands looking younger.

If you are concerned about the appearance of your hands, here’s how to contact us

  • calling us by telephone – 01935 873951
  • using the contact form on the website

For more information about Hand Rejuvenation visit our VeinCare website.

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