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June Quality Assurance Report

The Melbury Clinic publishes a regular Quality Assurance (QA) report to demonstrate to members of the public and to referring doctors and other healthcare professionals just how seriously we take Quality and Safety. In addition, we monitor our performance over time and against standards which we have set ourselves, as well as against independent national standards whenever they might apply. 

The QA report for June 2019 is published below. You can see that we monitor accidents, incidents, near misses and complications such as infections and admissions to hospital. The Melbury Clinic has a robust system for recording such events, analysing them at our Clinical Governance Meetings and disseminating lessons learned to all members of staff so that patient safety is continuously improved. The Clinic also monitors our performance against national guidelines such as those from the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence. In the light of this information, modifications may be made through changes in our policies and procedures.

Quality Monitoring

In our QA report below, you will also see how we monitor quality and how we make changes. The Clinic has set itself a zero tolerance for complications in areas such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT), collapse, infection, allergic reactions, medication errors and emergency admission to hospital. Our report shows that the Clinic met our quality targets in June in all areas. The Clinic also monitors the Quality of the Vein Treatments against NICE Guidance QS67.

Our QA report also gives information about the feedback we have received, audits undertaken, meetings held and improvements made.

Audits completed:

  • Storage temperatures for pharmaceuticals kept within recommended ranges at all times
  • Room Cleaning Audit
  • Clinical Notes’ Audit
  • Fire Safety Audit

Meetings held:

  • Informal daily staff meetings
  • Business Meeting 12 June
  • Staff meeting 26th June

Safety alerts/ clinical guidance/Regulations changes:

  • No of MHRA alerts received: 7
  • No of relevant alerts requiring action: 0

Improvements and reviews of practice

  • New HCA Sue Osborne now in post
  • 50% response rate to Post Procedure Survey, of which 100% gave positive feedback and would recommend The VeinCare Centre
  • Updated WHO checklist to include patients that do not consume caffeine as they may be sensitive to adrenaline
  • Two new risks on risk register
  • Microsclerotherapy course 27th June 2019
  • Laser serviced for 2019
  • New mandatory training workbook for doctors witpractice privileges
  • New prescription form due to adrenaline shortage
  • Natalie and Lucy had appraisals
  • Received 1 complaint
June Quality Assurance Report 2019

Get In Touch and Send Us Your Feedback

If you would like more information about any aspect of our QA report, do please contact us.  In addition, if you would like to send us feedback about your care at The Melbury Clinic, positive or negative, we are always pleased to hear from you.

There are many ways for you to give feedback

  • calling us by telephone – 01935 873951
  • verbally to any member of staff
  • using the contact form on the website
  • filling our survey form
  • sending feedback directly to our regulator, the Care Quality Commission
  • On the independent website, IWantGreatCare
  • making a complaint – contact Maddie Groves, manager@melburyclinic.co.uk

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