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Lose Weight and Get Fit in 2018

How to lose weight

Who doesn’t want to be healthy? How many of us want to lose weight, do more exercise, eat a healthier diet? How do we do this, what is the answer?

Well many of our health problems are Metabolic in origin, caused by imbalances in our hormones such as insulin, caused by the kinds of food that we eat, lack of exercise, lack of relaxation and poor sleep. Many of us attempt to address these issues by going on a calorie-restricted diet and by joining a gym, the focus being on losing weight and getting fit.

The problem with this approach is that it fights against our metabolism and it confuses getting fit with getting healthy. If our metabolism is unbalanced, we find it difficult to exercise, we just will not have the energy. If our metabolism is not working well, we will find it difficult to lose weight, we will be faced with hunger, cravings, lethargy and tiredness. These metabolic problems will sabotage our efforts to exercise and lose weight and ultimately- no matter how much will power we have – we will fail. How many of us at the beginning of a new year, start off with good intentions to get healthy and then give up in February or March? The solution to improving our health is to concentrate on improving our metabolism and then weight issues will fix themselves without hunger, we will have more energy and be we will be more active. Our sleep will improve, we will feel better in ourselves and our mood will improve. Concentrating on improving our metabolism leads to a virtuous circle of health improvements.

I know this from personal experience of failure with the old method of calorie restricted diets and gym programmes. Recently I have had sustained improvements with a metabolic approach of eating healthy nutritious real food, appropriate dietary supplementation, adequate rest and relaxation and short exercises as part of my daily routine.

Success with this approach has led me to invite 2 experts Dr Campbell Murdoch and Dr Peter Foley to set up a Metabolic Clinic at the Clinic where I have my own vascular practice. Supported by our nurses, Peter and Campbell will help you improve your metabolism. The nurses measure height, weight, waist circumference and blood pressure. You will fill in a well-being questionnaire and a range of blood tests are taken to measure key indicators of your metabolism. With this information, Peter and Campbell can work with you to help you towards your health goals. They provide person-centred help and advice to empower you to take positive steps toward better health without the need for medication, punishing gym regimes or hunger.

Contact us now to speak to one of our advisors or request our information pack.

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