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Haroun GajrajI am a vascular surgeon and for over 35 years I have been involved in treating sick people. I worked in the NHS treating diabetic patients with blocked arteries. In private practice, I founded a specialist clinic for the treatment of leg vein conditions.

Now, I have brought together a group of specialists to treat metabolic disease, in particular the problems associated with the Metabolic Syndrome.

Why and why now? Well, despite being a medically trained doctor, until 2013, nearly 5 years ago, I too was suffering from the Metabolic Syndrome. I just didn’t know it at the time. What I did know was that I struggled with my weight, I had borderline high blood pressure (actually quite high by today’s standards) and my cholesterol was high. I had followed the standard advice of eating a healthy diet based on whole grains, I ate 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, I didn’t smoke, I exercised regularly and I limited the amount of fat and red meat I ate.

I didn’t know at the time, but I was metabolically sick – I had the Metabolic Syndrome.

Dr Gajraj in 2011I looked at a picture of myself from 2011 and I was shocked. I was barely recognisable. I certainly ticked all the boxes for Metabolic Syndrome. The tests for Insulin Resistance weren’t available to me then, but I am sure that if I had had the right tests, I would have been found to fatty liver and insulin resistance.

Based on my own experience of understanding more about this condition, how it can be recognised and how it can be treated, I founded The Melbury Metabolic Clinic with the aim of offering the latest diagnostic tests and interventions. I see many apparently healthy people with leg vein problems who are Metabolically ill with weight problems, abnormal blood lipids and high blood pressure. I am sure that with appropriate help, many of these people could reverse their metabolic problems. My motivation in founding the Melbury Metabolic Clinic is to empower patients with the knowledge they need to improve their health and avoid illness.

If you would like a fact sheet on Metabolic Syndrome and how you can reverse it, contact us via the website or send us an email (

I have improved my health without prescription medications and I believe that others can do so too.

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