Quality Assurance Report for March 2017


Continuing with our initiative introduced at the beginning of the year, the Melbury Clinic publishes a monthly Quality Assurance Report for members of the public to see how seriously we take Quality and Safety and to see how we perform in these areas.

The report for March is published below. You can see that we monitor accidents, incidents, near misses and complications such as infections and admissions to hospital. The clinic manager has a system for recording such events, analysing them at our Clinical Governance Meetings and disseminating lessons learned so that patient safety is continuously improved. The manager also monitors our performance against national guidelines such as those from the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence. In the light of this information, modifications may be made through changes in our policies and procedures.

In our report below, you will also see how we deal with the results of our questionnaires, surveys and complaints.

MarchMonthly quality assurance report March 2017

You will see that in March, we had one incident involving a breach of confidentiality. This involved a mixed up in correspondence. One patient’s correspondence was accidentally included in the post to another patient. In line with our duty of candour, both parties were informed as soon as the breach was noted, an apology was given and an investigation has resulted in changes in office practice.

We are always interested to hear your comments and feedback, positive or negative, to help us modify and improve our clinical services at The Melbury Clinic.

There are many ways for you to give feedback

  • calling us by telephone
  • verbally to any member of staff
  • using the contact form on the website
  • filling our survey form
  • sending feedback directly to our regulator, the Care Quality Commission
  • On the independent website, IWantGreatCare
  • making a complaint

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