Quality Standards at The Melbury Clinic

At the Melbury Clinic Veincare Centre, we are driven by quality. So what is quality, why are we as an organisation so focused on quality, how do we measure it and how do we improve quality? What is Quality? Quality is about making our organisation perform for everyone involved, members of staff and our patient and clients. That means improving products, services, systems and processes, to make sure that the whole organisation is fit and effective. What quality means for us at the Melbury Clinic is providing what our clients and patients need: effective, evidence-based healthcare, in a safe and well-maintained environment, by appropriately trained medical and administrative staff. Quality means understanding our patients needs and meeting or exceeding expectations both now and in the future. Why are we so focused on quality? We understand that you our customers have a choice of many clinics and hospitals that offer treatment for varicose veins, phlebitis, varicose eczema, leg ulcers and deep vein thrombosis. For us, providing a quality service means we have no shortage of happy customers that are pleased with what we do for them and who are happy to recommend us to others and to their GP. We also know that highly trained motivated staff are in short supply, so for us quality helps us recruit and retain highly skilled staff, managerial, administrative and clinical. Quality means we can be effective and efficient. We aim to get things right first time. So how do we measure quality? At the Melbury Clinic VeinCare Centre we have a continuous programme of patient questionnaires and feedback. We ask you to tell us how we are doing. We are continuously finding out about what our customers want and need, where we are meeting those expectations, where we can do better and we are continuously looking for how we can exceed expectations. Our staff are engaged in the planning and monitoring of our activities and have many forums where they can provide the organisation with feedback: staff meetings, team meetings and staff appraisals. The quality and effectiveness of our vein treatments are measured and compared against National Guidance from NICE (CG168 and QS67) and guidelines from the Royal College of Surgeons. Safety and Quality are so connected that we believe safety is an essential component of a quality health care system and the Melbury Clinic has robust systems of safety assurance. We report and analyse any adverse events, looking for ways to improve effectiveness and safety. So how do we improve quality? Firstly, the leadership of the Melbury Clinic is fully committed to quality. Quality is the responsibility of everyone in our organisation. We have robust systems of Quality Assurance that is ways of measuring quality against agreed standards, a clear Governance Structure and Governance System for reviewing quality and performance and for formulating action plans to improve quality. Through example, the leadership has embedded a culture of continuous improvements into everything the Melbury Clinic does. As an organisation we are very proud of our commitment to Quality and we publish Quality Assurance Reports on our website and within our clinic. In this way, any member of the public can view our performance on quality.

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If you would like more information about any aspect of our QA report, do please contact us.  In addition, if you would like to send us feedback about your care at The Melbury Clinic, positive or negative, we are always pleased to hear from you.

We Want To Receive Your Feedback

There are many ways for you to give feedback

  • calling us by telephone
  • verbally to any member of staff
  • using the contact form on the website
  • filling our survey form
  • sending feedback directly to our regulator, the Care Quality Commission
  • On the independent website, IWantGreatCare
  • making a complaint