Our Updated Patient’s Guide is Available as a Podcast

Patient Guide as a Podcast

The Melbury Clinic provides information about our services in a document called the Patients’ Guide. It gives a description of our facility, the staff and arrangements for accessibility. It also provides information on the use of chaperones, how we keep information safe, how we take payment and how we deal with feedback and complaints.

The document can be found by clicking here. In addition you can listen to an audio recording of the guide by clicking the arrow below. 

We are always pleased to receive your feedback and there are many ways to do so:

  • calling us by telephone
  • verbally to any member of staff
  • using the contact form on the website
  • filling our survey form
  • sending feedback directly to our regulator, the Care Quality Commission
  • On the independent website, IWantGreatCare
  • making a complaint

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